Monday, December 22, 2008

Live score card of final day 2nd Test Match between England and India!

Indians are well ahead of the England team to press for victory at the end of fourth day:

It was an inexplicable decision of the Indian players to go off the field today with a strong position and the momentum steadily shifting in their way. Today play started two hours after the schedule time due to heavy fog prevailing over the field. When the play started, Indians were ready like hounds to pull off the remaining line up of the English batting line up.
And it took them merely 20 minutes to finish things off.

But when India was batting, some good bowling performance along with good fielding efforts made life bit tough for India. Yuvraj maneuvered the innings well to take the control back in India’s favor late in the day.
And suddenly the light was offered to the Indians and surprisingly they took it and went off the field. The play resumed with England already losing half their side for 280 runs. Today morning, the Turbinate was charged up to finish things up quickly.

He took two wickets and Zaheer took one wicket to finish the English innings with 302 on the board. Harbhajan was able to turn the ball vigorously off the wicket which was a terrible sign for the English side which has to bat in the fourth innings on the fifth day pitch.

India resumed their innings just before the lunch. But there was no respite for Indian batsman as they started the innings in blazing fashion cracking two boundaries. Gambhir was the aggressor early on. Sehwag stayed at the crease with taking too many chances. After the lunch both the openers started to open up with stroke playing. But trying to sneak a quick single Sehwag lost his wicket. And suddenly the momentum shifted in England’s favor.

Some good bowling gave the English bowlers what the required to pull off a victory here.
Rahul Dravid could not even open his account in this innings whereas Sachin departed in a single figure score. With 44/3, the Indian side became a bit defensive Laxman and Gambhir tried to create a partnership. But again the running between the wickets cost Laxman his wicket.

Yuvraj started off his innings started off good with some good shots. Suddenly he took offensive stance and started hitting the spinners. He hit a big six off Monty Panesar to get himself going.
Suddenly all balance shifted to India’s favor as the lead extended to 283. Then the light meter reading was the problem in the progress of the match with 13 over left in the day’s play.

Tomorrow will be a great day of cricket if there is a result coming out of the match. India will be pressing hard for the victory as well as the English.


Live score card of 4th day 2nd Test Match between England and India!

India restricted England to 283/6 at the end of day3 in the second test:

For once it seemed that England would take this game away from India when Pietersen and Flintoff were batting brilliantly in the crease. But some late success over the English batsman gave India the hope of resilience as India ended the day on a high note.
The English batsmen were fluent and they tried to show in this game that they are here to win the match. But in order to try for the result, the lost too many wickets at the top of the order which made their life miserable. But the English captain had other ideas in the back of his mind. He came and started to play his natural game. And that gave England enough support through out the day.

England started the day in a seriously bad fashion. Centurion of the last match Andrew Strauss lost his wicket to Zaheer with making any score. Ian Bell continued his poor run with the bat as he surrendered to pacer Ishant Sharma. Then a partnership was built after the loss of 2 wickets with two runs on the board.
Alistair Cook played a magnificent knock of half century with Kevin Petersen on the other end bullied the Indian bowlers. After Cook’s departure, Paul Collingwood joined him. But unfortunately, he a got a peach of a delivery from Amit Mishra which found the gloves of Dhoni. Then the resilience came from Flintoff and Pietersen as they started to take the attack to India. The started to bat in free flow as if they were playing ODI.

But just before the day’s play, Harbhajan got one to spin back to Pietersen’s pads from round the wickets which done the trick for India. And the last wicket came from Amit Mishra’s last over and in the last ball which was the last ball of the day. Flintoff could not keep his bat out of the googly from Mishra which was garbed fantastically by Gautam Gambhir at forward short leg position.

Indians have done exceeding good to keep England restricted to 280/6 in the third day. Tomorrow they will be looking to wrap up the innings as quick as possible. Dhoni might be allured to take the new ball as soon as it is available having seen the swing of the new ball today in the morning. India has bowled 73 over today and after 7 over tomorrow, the new ball will be due. On the contrary, England will try to accumulate as many runs as possible to give a them a shade of a chance of winning the test match.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Live score card of 3rd day 2nd Test Match between England and India!

England was about to resume their innings. But today also the day was called off as there was only 9 overs left in the day and the light was fading quickly. But in total till this day, 27 overs of the match is lost. India will be looking forward to its faster bowlers to give them some break through early in the morning so that they can provide the bowlers a chance in the last innings to wrap up the England fast. On the other hand, England would be looking to score as many runs as possible and provide them with a lead of over 50 runs in the first innings.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Live score card of 2nd day 2nd Test Match between England and India!

Its lunch for the second day now, and Team India are batting strongly at 302 for the loss of one wickets. Rahul Dravid has once again proved his utility by making 26th century. Gambhir is the bigger threat to Enland team and his current partnership of 300 runs in 629 balls with Rahul Darvid is building pressure on Enland.

First Day of Play:

The first Day belonged to the Indian batsman who were struggling for 6 for loss of Sehwag at one stage and scored 179 for one at the end of the day. G Gambhir the hero by making his 4th Test Century off 214 balls and that was really superb. India won the toss and elected to bat first, Broad took the wicket off Sehwag in early.
The second day of 2nd test match of the England in India is scheduled in between England and India today at 9.30 Am at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh, on 20th December 2008 (5-day match).


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Live score card of 1st day 2nd Test Match between England and India!

The 1st day of 2nd test match of the England in India is scheduled in between England and India today at 9.30 Am at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh, on 19th December 2008 (5-day match).


Monday, December 15, 2008

India win by 6 wickets with Sachin 41st ton!

Last day Sehwag set the tone for Indian chase of 387 runs in blistering fashion. And the remaining batsmen did not failed to capitalize on the point. Resuming the score of 129/1, India lost Dravid earlier than expected. His off-form continues to haunt him here also.

With many competitors for the place in the tests, this can prove to be harmful for Dravid’s future. But after the departure of Dravid, it was all Indian stories. Gambhir came up with another half century to continue his good form with the bat.

Laxman played some awesome shots before he departed for 26. Then Sachin and Yuvraj came up with the match winning partnership of more than 160 runs and stayed unbeaten till the end. When Yuvraj came to the crease, he was very much loosing his concentration.

But Sachin kept on giving him support for his natural game and therefore he came up with yet another half century in the second innings which paved the way towards victory. He seems to have adopted some formula for getting good runs in the second innings.

Finally it was Saching who held his innings and Yuvraj’s too to see India through to the podium. He came up with his century, his 41st test match century that made India to chase down record chase of 387 runs.

He made his innings so easy that it never looked like he was batting in the fifth day pitch. He just kept his composure and did not made those mistakes that made India in the loosing side after he made a century against Pakistan in 1987.

For his match winning knock of 83 in just 67 balls, Sehwag was announced the man of the match.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

live score card of 2nd day 1st Test Match between England and India!

Its tea for the second day now, and Team India has suffered quick three losses. Team India opened with Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag. Anderson took the earlier breakthrough. He dismissed Sehawag and Swann took the wicket of Gambhir and Dravid. India is right now playing at 37 for the loss of three wickets. Gambhir has scored 19 and Sachin is batting at two runs.

At lunch of the second day of play England is at 294 for the loss of 8th wickets.Team India started the day with a positive note and took the wicket of A Flintoff very soon. He felt to Mishra at a same score of last day 18 and that lunch time England was at 294 for the loss of 8th wickets. Prior is there at 39 along wih the Harmison who is batting at 6.

The Second day of first test match of the England in India is scheduled in between England and India today at 9.30 Am at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai, on 12 December 2008 (5-day match).


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

live score card of 1st day 1st Test Match between England and India!

The first day of first test match of the England in India is scheduled in between England and India today at 9.30 Am at MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai, on 11 to 15 December 2008 (5-day match).




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