Friday, August 27, 2010

Live Score card of 4th Test Match between England and Pakistan at Lord's!

Broad and Trott lead the players off to a standing ovation from the Lord's crowd, bathed in sunshine - this is a really special moment. A day of irresistible, fluctuating Test cricket. England were down and out after Amir's stunning new-ball spell but Trott battled hard and found a partner, first in Prior and then, remarkably with Broad, who was prepared to fight with him. From the moment he came to the crease Broad batted with complete clarity and conviction to record his first Test hundred.

Just an unbelievable day really and the scorecard has to rank as the most bonkers scorecard since this. The game is actually set up very well now, under cloudless skies the pitch is very quiet but when the dank rolls over the ball moves round corners, Pakistan will feel completely buried after suffering through that unbeaten 244 stand but the England total is not yet insurmountable. More update please visit here.




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